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- Italian boutique food export -

la Dolce

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At LA DOLCE we specialize in sourcing the best local Italian food.

We are committed to offering you only the highest quality products

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Our founder, Matteo, Italian born, has lived in many places:

Australia, USA, Europe, South America.

His passion for his homeland and its food has inspired him to share a taste of Italy with the world!


"My mission is to share the best flavors and traditions of my country with my friends all over the world. I work directly with local Italian producers to bring you the best products available.

I am committed to promoting sustainable and ethical practices."​




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"Italian food is like a symphony, full of different notes and flavors" 

- Carlo Cracco -


"Truffles are like the undercover agents of the culinary world. They're these knobby little fungi that spend their lives hiding underground, camouflaging themselves from prying eyes. They're so elusive that they need specially trained pigs or dogs just to unearth them. It's like they're living a secret spy life, whispering to each other, 'Shh, don't let them find out our true flavors!' And when you finally get your hands on one, it's like discovering a hidden treasure—a pungent, earthy, and downright decadent nugget that makes you question why you ever bothered with ordinary ingredients. Truffles are the James Bond of the culinary world, adding a touch of mystery and extravagance to any dish they grace."

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